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The home of Reece Warren, game design extraordinaire.

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    About Reece:

    Currently possessing a Higher National Diploma in Creative Media Production, and pursuing a BA in Games Design, Reece Warren (AKA: Warrenaterz) is an aspirational and intellectual young mind, seeking a full-time career in video games. Originally studying graphic design both at school and college, with the initial intent of becoming an architect, over time he realised that the profession wasn't particularly suited to him. This shift in his interests came from his devotion to art and lack of colour seen in architectural drawings. However, something which was always important in his early life was his love for video games.

    This in turn led him into exploring the world of computing outside of graphic design, including computer programming, 3D modelling and game engines. After having studied A-levels in Graphical Communication, Chemistry and Physics, he focussed his attention more toward the creation of video games due to increasing interests on how they are produced. Throughout studying on his HND course, he has gained a wide insight into the overall workflow and design process of video games. With credible experience in modern game engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and GameMaker Studio (along with many others), combined with an increasing list of industry standard software, he can provide a valuable contribution to any digital or creative project.

    In the long term, Warren's ultimate goal is to incorporate a game design studio. His reasoning behind this plan (though ambitious) is to enhance the creative output of Yorkshire, the local area inside the UK which he resides. Whilst Yorkshire is relatively well known in the creative arts sector, it still needs to be established as a larger creative hub.

    For the mean-time though, he plans to complete his degree and find work inside a local studio as either a game / level designer or environment artist, until he can save the money required for such a venture. This will also give him much needed industry experience. If you want to contact him (either socially or for business related enquiries), or stay up to date with all of his recent projects, feel free to get in touch through e-mail or social media.